DFR Listener Contest: Win $50!

Deadfrog Radio is giving away $50! Maybe. Depends on how competent you people are at guessing stupid irrelevant things. Here’s what you need to do: Correctly guess how many songs are on Token’s MP3 player based on this one piece of information. The 100th song, sorted alphabetically by song title, is “Breathe Into Me” by Red. If you’re the first to guess the correct answer before May 18, 2017, you’ll win $50 to be sent via money order (or maybe even the equivalent amount in bitcoin, if you so insist). If nobody gets the correct answer, we’ll send $25 to whomever is closest within 10 songs. In the event of a tie, Token will ask a tiebreaker question on the air, and the first one of the tied people to answer correctly will win the prize. If nobody guesses the song amount correctly and nobody comes within 10, we keep the monies like the cheap bastards we are (and probably come up with another attempt to give it away in the future).

By the way, please consider donating to the show, so we can randomly give your precious monies away. But seriously, it does help offset our costs. The show costs a lot to do, and this contest really doesn’t amount to much compared to what we spend to put out the show consistently. We sincerely appreciate anything you send our way, and we’ll even give you a shoutout (and a song of your choosing) to thank you for your contributions.

You can send your guesses to deadfrogmedia@gmail.com, or send them to us through our Facebook Page.

Thanks, and good luck!


Author: DeadfrogRadio

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